LSD Science Education Program GOALS



1. Curriculum

To create and implement a district-wide research- and inquiry-based science curriculum that is aligned with national and state standards, utilizing strong communication, technical, and critical thinking skills, and relating science to real-world experiences.

2. Professional Development

All district personnel participate regularly in high quality, data-driven professional development to implement, sustain, and continually improve the science education program.

3. Assessment

To utilize a district-wide authentic assessment program providing multiple levels, forms, and opportunities for assessment of student understanding about important scientific ideas.

4. Materials Support

An efficient and comprehensive system provides curriculum resources to implement, sustain, and improve the science education program.

5. Administrative &

Community Support

Effective and ongoing administrative and financial support at all levels for implementation, continuous improvement, and assessment of a coherent inquiry-, standards-, and research-based science program.  Utilize a comprehensive plan to involve personnel, facilities, and financial support from a broad-based coalition of community partners including business, government, and non-profit and academic groups.