As directed by Superintendent E. Sharon Banks, and funded by the Dow Chemical Company and HP Computers, the Lansing School District (LSD) sent a team of five staff members to the NSRC's LASER Institute in Washington, DC, during the week of July 17-22, 2005.  The LSD LASER Team included:


    ·  Linda L. Angel-Weinberg

    Curriculum Director and LASER Team Leader


    ·  Shelley Barlow

    Willow Elementary School Principal and Elementary Science Subject Matter Area Leader


    ·  Mary A. Villegas

    D. Rich Magnet Middle School Seventh-Grade Science Teacher


    ·  Deborah C. Smith

    Woodcreek Magnet Elementary School Second-Grade Teacher


    ·  R. Timothy Smith

    Elementary Science Teacher Specialist and PI-CRUST Project Co-Principal Investigator

During the week of the 2005 LASER Institute, the LSD Team was also joined by Todd K. Slisher, Director of Science Programs, at the Detroit Science Center.

The primary objective of the LASER Institute was to support our team in developing a five-year strategic plan for our district's K-8 science education program.  We soon decided that such a plan needs to be extended to encompass our entire K-12 science education program. 

This web page serves as the initial reference point for our LASER work as we continue -- beyond the 2005 summer institute -- to develop and implement a five-year plan to improve our district's science education program. 

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