Elementary Science Steering Committee


December 14, 2004

4:30 – 5:30 PM

Lyons Elementary School

1.    Sign in,  pick up handouts (),  and look over today’s agenda:

Ø      Any additions or changes for today’s agenda?

2.    Review and/or edit and/or approve minutes from previous ESSC meeting (10/12/04)

   Minutes from 10/12/04 ESSC meeting

   Current listing of ESSC Teacher representatives

3.    Report(s) from the November 2nd elementary science PD sessions:


Session Was Led By

Kindergarten & First Grade

Lori Abbott-Smith

Second Grade

Kim Sanders  &  Pam Fults             Feedback

Third Grade

Jan Ruppert,  Jacque Gerard  &  Amy McMillen

Fourth Grade

[ Attended Ebersole Environmental Center ]

Fifth Grade

R. Timothy Smith                            Feedback

Sixth Grade


4.    Planning for future elementary science PD:

Ø      February 2, 2005:  “Magnets” for third grade

Ø      The rest of this year?

Ø      Next year?

5.    Report from the December 9th steering committees leadership meeting

6.    Thermometers for the fifth grade:

Ø      Stiff plastic-backed thermometer sets were mistakenly not included in the fifth-grade Collaboration Kit this year.  Thermometers are used in fifth grade in both the “5b” heat unit and the “5c” weather unit. 

Fifth-grade teachers need to FAX a request to x7492 to the attention of Peggy Barnes to receive a classroom set of these thermometers if they have not already done so.

Ø      Fifth-grade was also supposed to receive a largedemonstration thermometer” for use primarily in unit “5b” (especially Lesson 3), and it could then continue to be used as needed on through unit “5c”.  What was instead shipped originally with the “5b” kit – because of errors on the part of the BSCS materials publisher and their kit supplier (and not our LSD warehouse staff), as well as listed on the “5b” kit inventory page – was a small liquid-crystal display “thermometer tape.”  This situation was partially corrected with a follow-up shipment of large demonstration thermometers to all schools the week of 11/15/04.  These demonstration thermometers should be kept in fifth-grade for use during the “5b” and “5c” units this year, and then stored in the fifth-grade Collaboration Kit for return to the warehouse at the end of the school year in June, at which point they will moved to the second grade’s “2a” weather kit, which is what they were purchased for originally.

Ø      Please make sure that your school’s fifth-grade teachers return all of the “thermometer tapes” with their “5b” kits the week of January 24th.  These will be exchanged on a one-to-one basis by Kendall/Hunt (the publisher of the BSCS materials) with a replacement demonstration thermometer for use by our fifth grades next year.  Based on a very limited number of received responses to a survey of fifth-grade teachers, the preference for fifth grade is for smaller “overhead” demonstration thermometers (rather than the larger cardboard ones) for replacement of the thermometer tapes.  It is therefore likely that this is what BSCS will provide us with.

   Science kit delivery and pick-up schedule – note that kits for 2c, 3c, 4c, & 5c should arrive in schools the week of January 10th.

7.    Updates to our “ElSci” web site:


   Samples of several “ElSci” web pages

8.    NSF-funded PI-CRUST Project update:

   Fifth-grade interests survey … only a 17% response rate thus far.

Ø      2005 SLI will fall between June 15th and July 1st, with each grade’s PLC typically meeting for one week.  Note that PROM/SE has scheduled its first science summer institute at this same time (June 22-24), which we plan to try to work around.

9.    We should probably begin now – given the change in when the MEAP fifth-grade science assessment will be done starting with the fall of 2005 – thinking about how this might require changes in the scope and sequence of our elementary science program

10.   Science curriculum ongoing implementation – issues, refinement (e.g., lessons learned), and evaluation (e.g., recommendations for the next adoption cycle)

11.   Splits

12.   Other new business (or agenda items for next meeting)




13.   Next meeting:  Tuesday, January 11th, 4:30-5:30 PM at Lyons