Elementary Science Steering Committee


March 8, 2005

4:30 – 5:30 PM

Lyons Elementary School

1.    Sign in,  pick up handouts (),  help yourself to refreshments,   and look over today’s agenda:

Ø      Any additions or changes for today’s agenda?

Ø      Items #2-#6 and #11-#12 are targeted for review and/or discussion today.

Ø      Items #7-#10 are provided FYI and probably don’t require meeting time, unless you have questions or concerns related to them.  Nonetheless, PLEASE share this information with the staff at your school.

2.    Review and/or edit and/or approve the minutes from our previous ESSC meeting (2/8/2005)

   Minutes from 2/8/2005 ESSC meeting

3.    Follow-up to the “3c Magnets” PD session of 2/2/05:

Ø      supplies (i.e., magnets and compasses) for the supplemental activities have been received

Ø      drafts of the teacher and student pages to support the supplemental activities are being reviewed for copying

Ø      with a bit of luck, we will have the materials distributed to third-grade teachers before the end of this month

4.    A 2/28/05 memo from the warehouse indicated that Kb and 1b science kits were to be returned at the same time as 1c kits were being distributed during the week of March 1st.  This was incorrect!  Kb and 1b science kits should be ready for return to the warehouse the week of March 14th.  However, delivery of the 1c kits “should” be completed for all schools by now.  The only “supplies” to be shipped for the Kc science unit are caterpillars, which will be distributed by early May to allow for their timely release outside as butterflies in early June.

Science kits for 2d, 3d, 4d, and 5d should be distributed the week of March 21st.  Various living organisms to be used with the life science units (i.e., 2d, 3d, and 4d) will be distributed after spring break.

Science kits for 2c, 3c, 4c, and 5c should be ready for return to the warehouse the week of April 11th.

5.    PD planning for 4/27/05    ideas or requests?

6.    PD Planning for 2005-2006:  summary of ideas to be presented at this evening’s meeting with Dr. Banks

   History” of LSD science PD (primarily elementary) 2001-2005

   Resources” for future science PD


7.    Third-grade teachers should consider requesting free seed catalogs now for possible use during science unit “3d”.  Contact Tim for more details and suggestions for how to use these catalogs in the context of our “3d” plants” science unit.

8.    Plants photos (and ideas, and questions) potentially relevant to the “4c” science unit can be shared on-line.  Contact Tim for more details.  An example is available on-line at: 


9.    The second round of district “quarterly assessments” this year will occur approximately within the latter half of March.  For elementary science, it will be the same sets of assessments as were used last year for the assessments at the end of the third quarter.  In other words, what will be tested is:

Ø      Second grade         Sound

Ø      Third grade              Motion, Force, and Simple Machines

Ø      Fourth grade           Electricity    and    Plant Growth and Development

Ø      Fifth Grade              Heat and Physical Changes    and    Weather

10.  NSF-funded PI-CRUST Project update:

Ø      Our 2005 Summer Learning Institute (SLI) will fall between June 14th and July 1st, with each grade’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) typically meeting for one week.  Note that PROM/SE has scheduled its first science summer institute at this same time (June 22-24), which we plan to try to work around.  Focus unit topics and/or dates for elementary grade meetings tentatively decided thus far include:


Focus Unit Module or Topic

Dates  (6/14 - 7/1)


What Happens to Trash?



Testing Materials



Designing Sound Systems






Plant Growth and Development

June 27  -  July 1




11.   Other new business (or agenda items for next meeting)

12.   Next meeting:  Tuesday, April 12th, 4:30-5:30 PM at Lyons

Later Correction:  The Next ESSC Meeting will be April 19th!