Elementary Science Steering Committee


April 19, 2005

4:30 – 5:30 PM

Lyons Elementary School

1.    Sign in,  pick up handouts (),  help yourself to refreshments,   and look over today’s agenda:

Ø    Any additions or changes for today’s agenda?

  Updated list of ESSC teacher representatives

  Flyer and application for our PI-CRUST Project 2005 Summer Learning Institute (SLI)

  PROM/SE Science Associates application

2.    Follow-up to the “3c Magnets” PD session of 2/2/05:

Ø    Teacher pages, student reader pages, student journal pages, and materials (e.g., magnets, compasses, styrofoam balls, etc.) were finally compiled and distributed to all elementary schools third-grade teachers between 3/30/05 and 4/13/05.

Ø    Please make sure that your third-grade teachers store these materials in their “3c” science kits before returning them to the Warehouse for refurbishing the week of April 25th.  Thanks!

3.    Science Materials Distributions and Confusions:

Ø    The various live organisms used with science units 2d, 3d, and 4d “should” have been distributed to all schools by the end of last week. 

Second Grade:

§         Gets aquaria and materials for guppies, snails, elodea, and duckweed; mealworms (these are the district-adopted substitute for gerbils); and isopods.  Note that mealworms need a slice of potato or apple for moisture; remove anything that gets moldy.

§         For additional tanks, gravel, guppies, snails, or plants (elodea or duckweed) contact Peggy Barnes at the Warehouse (FAX: 7492).  At present there are no extra mealworms or isopods.

§         A new litter of hamsters has arrived.  If you’d like to have one for your classroom contact Peggy Barnes at the Warehouse (FAX: 7492).

§         Lesson 14 of science unit “2d” expects teachers to have separate sets of pill bugs and sow bugs, which students then compare/contrast.  Apparently Preuss Animal House shipped only one container of isopods per class.  Isopods (i.e., pill bugs and sow bugs) need to be kept in a moist or damp, but not soggy environment.  Please see pages 19, 25-26, and 167-178 of the BSCS Teacher’s Edition for more details on the care and study of these organisms.

Fourth Grade:

§         Gets an aquarium and materials to make a self-contained ecosystem for classroom study -- starting with BSCS Lesson 2 – using daphnia, snails, elodea/anacharis, duckweed, and algae water.  Fourth grade should not have received guppies; guppies will eat the daphnia!  At present there are not extra daphnia; Preuss Animal House failed to obtain and culture these far enough in advance of the start of our science unit; we instead had to have Carolina Biologic rush via Fed-Ex a shipment to us last Friday.

Ø    By now, the “Student Journals” for third grade’s fourth-quarter "3d: Flowering Plants" science unit should be in classrooms.  [Yes, the LSD Copy Center messed up on this; these should have been delivered to schools two weeks before spring break.]

Ø    By now, the “student pages” for fifth grade’s fourth-quarter "5d: Circuits and Pathways" science unit should be in classrooms.  [Yes, the LSD Copy Center messed up on this; these should have been delivered to schools two weeks before spring break.]

Ø    Note that Peggy Barnes will be on vacation 4/20/05 through 4/26/05.

Ø    Return of science kits for units 2c, 3c, 4c, and 5c has been postponed till the week of April 25th to allow teachers and students to complete these science units, many of which had delays in the original delivery of their materials.  Any “a” or “b” science kits still remaining in schools should be returned to the warehouse at this time as well for refurbishing.

Ø    As was done last year, caterpillars for use with science unit Kc will be distributed near the beginning of May.  This will allow for outside release of the resulting butterflies in early June.  The "butterfly houses" should already be in kindergarten classrooms (i.e., they were to have remained in the schools from when they were used last year).

4.    PD plans for 4/27/05    nothing for elementary science that Tim’s aware of

5.    PD Planning for 2005-2006    Mara Lud has asked to meet with Tim next Monday morning (4/25/05) to discuss this.  Any suggestions?

6.    NSF-funded PI-CRUST Project update:

Ø    Most of our 2005 Summer Learning Institute (SLI) will fall between June 14th and July 1st, with each grade’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) typically meeting for one week at Woodcreek Magnet School (it’s air conditioned).  Note that PROM/SE has scheduled its first science summer institute at this same time (June 22-24).  Also, Jan Eberhardt’s Problem-Based Learning session have now also been scheduled during this time. 

  Flyer and applicationplease post / share/ distribute these at your school !

Ø    Focus unit topics and/or dates for our PI-CRUST 2005 SLI grade-level meetings tentatively decided thus far include:

NSF-Funded PI-CRUST 2005 Summer Learning Institute Tentative Schedule




Focus Unit


Deb Smith

June 16-17 & 20-21-22

"Ka: Weather" and "Kc: Animals"


Ed Smith

June 14-15-16-17 & 20

"1c: Plants"
(and possibly "1a: Motion")


Deb Smith

June 27 – July 1, 2005

"2b: Water Planet"


Ed Smith

June 14-15-16 & 21-22

"3d: Plants"
(and possibly "3c: Motion")


Tim Smith

June 27 – July 1, 2005

"4c: Plants"


Tim Smith

August 8-12, 2005

"5b: Heat and Physical Changes"


Christina Schwarz

June 15-16-17 & 20-21

"6a: Science & Technology"

(integrated across the year)


Gail Richmond

June 14-15-16 & 21-22-23

"7a: Classification and Ecosystems"


Gail Richmond

August ?

"8a & 8d: Chemistry"

7.     PROM/SE is recruiting Science Associates for each school building.  A “welcome” meeting for Science Associates will be held after school on Tuesday, May 24th at Olivet College.  The PROM/SE Summer Institute for Science Associates will be held Wednesday, June 22nd, through Friday, June 24th.

    PROM/SE Science Associates application

8.     Nominations for ESSC Chairperson and ESSC Secretary for the 2005-2006 school year

9.     Other new business (or agenda items for next meeting)

10.   Upcoming events of possible interest:

·         April 20, 2005      Ingham ISD PD: "Online Science Resources in Your Classroom"

·         May 10, 2005      ESSC Meeting

·         May 24, 2005      Welcome and Orientation Meeting for PROM/SE Science Associates from Ingham County school districts

11.   Next ESSC meeting:  Tuesday,  May 10th,  4:30-5:30 PM  at Lyons