Elementary Science Steering Committee


May 10, 2005

4:30 – 5:30 PM

Lyons Elementary School

1.    Sign in,  pick up handouts (),  help yourself to refreshments,   and look over today’s agenda:

Ø        Any additions or changes for today’s agenda?

   Flyer and application for our PI-CRUST Project 2005 Summer Learning Institute (SLI)

   PROM/SE Science Associates application

2.    PD Planning for 2005-2006:

Ø         Mara Lud is seeking a combination of one-shot and multiple-session topics.  There will not be whole-grade mandated sessions.

Ø         PD dates for 2005-2006 are:   August 25, September 14, October 3, November 15, December 8, January 11, February 1, March 1, April 26

Ø         Possibly a joint PI-CRUST and PROM/SE “science” session for the August PD date in the afternoon ... “open” or just for participants?

Ø         Our ESSC proposal for PD about science journals is fine, and could be a three-session fall sequence.  Anyone interested in helping plan this?

Ø         Mara will check into the possibility of a “life sciences showcase”

Ø         Other ideas or topics?

Ø         Dr. Norman is seeking videotaping for summer science cable TV programming for children and families … any volunteers?

3.    End-of-school-year science materials returns:

Ø         All science supplies kits for all science units Ka through 5d need to be returned the week of June 6th to the LSD Warehouse for refurbishing.

Ø         All Collaboration Kits for science for grades 1-5 need to be returned the week of June 6th to the LSD Warehouse for refurbishing.

Ø         Except for those buildings that are closing,  all K-5 science teacher editions, student books, unused student journals (2b, 3b, 3c, & 3d), 3-ring binders for student journals (1a & 5b), 40-pound bags of sand, 40-pound bags of potting soil, butterfly houses (Kc), stream tables (4a), and lighted grow stands (4c & 3d) stay in schools.

4.    NSF-funded PI-CRUST Project update:

Ø         Most of our 2005 Summer Learning Institute (SLI) will fall between June 14th and July 1st, with each grade’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) typically meeting for one week at Woodcreek Magnet School (it’s air conditioned).  Note that PROM/SE has scheduled its first science summer institute at this same time (June 22-24).  Also, Jan Eberhardt’s Problem-Based Learning sessions have also been scheduled during this time. 

    Flyer and application please post / share / distribute these at your school !

Ø         Focus unit topics and/or dates for our PI-CRUST 2005 SLI grade-level meetings tentatively decided thus far include:

NSF-Funded  PI-CRUST  2005 Summer Learning Institute  Tentative Schedule




Focus Unit


Deb Smith

June 16-17 & 20-21-22

"Ka: Weather" and "Kc: Animals"


Ed Smith

June 14-15-16-17 & 20

"1c: Plants" (and possibly "1a: Motion")


Deb Smith

June 27 – July 1, 2005

"2b: Water Planet"


Ed Smith

June 14-15-16 & 21-22

"3d: Plants" (and possibly "3c: Motion")


Tim Smith

June 27 – July 1, 2005

"4c: Plants"


Tim Smith

August 8-12, 2005

"5b: Heat and Physical Changes"


Christina Schwarz

June 15-16-17 & 20-21

"6a: Science & Technology”
(integrated across the school year)


Gail Richmond

June 14-15-16 & 21-22-23

"7a: Classification and Ecosystems"


Gail Richmond

August ?

“8a & 8d: Chemistry”

5.     PROM/SE is recruiting Science Associates for each school building.  A “welcome” meeting for Science Associates will be held after school on Tuesday, May 24th at Olivet College.  The PROM/SE Summer Institute for Science Associates will be held Wednesday, June 22nd, through Friday, June 24th.

  PROM/SE Science Associates application

6.     Other new business

7.     Nominations for and election of ESSC Chairperson and ESSC Secretary for the 2005-2006 school year

8.     Thank you to Keith and Rita for their past two years of service to our ESSC, our elementary science program, and the staff and students of the Lansing School District !