September 8, 2005



“New” Teachers –


      This e-mail message is intended for all “new” LSD elementary teachers.  “New” in this context includes both newly hired staff  and  those of you who are teaching at a new grade level this year.  I realize this information is arriving at the last minute, but we’ve only just received a “new” teachers list from the LSD Human Resources Office within the last 24 hours, and are proceeding as quickly as possible thereafter to get this distributed.  (Apologies to anyone who isn’t “new” and has mistakenly received this e-mail.)


      After school next Tuesday, September 13th, the Elementary Science Steering Committee (ESSC) will be hosting a special “Kick Off” event for “new” teachers to help you get science started in your classroom as the 2005-2006 school year begins.  This event will take place at this year's first ESSC meeting, which will be held in the Library at Moores Park Elementary School, starting at 4:30 PM.


      We will begin with refreshments and a very brief business meeting, and then split up into grade-specific groups.  Each grade-level group will have at least one teacher with experience teaching the science units for that grade level who will serve as a resource for anyone seeking advice or having questions for how to get their science program started.  We will also have science kits for each grade level's first science unit available for exploration and use.  The primary audience for this "Kick Off" event is anyone who is new to teaching science for their grade level.  This includes new hires to the district, experienced teachers who have moved to a new grade or school, and anyone else who is seeking (or would like to share) suggestions for how to begin a new year of engaging classroom science.  Please share this invitation with other “new” staff in your building.  A flyer announcing this meeting -- which you're welcome to print, copy, and distribute -- is attached as a MS-Word document.


      We look forward to seeing all of you next Tuesday at Moores Park and lending some assistance with your implementation of our K-5 science education program.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  And welcome on board!


ESSC Chairperson

Subject Matter Area Leader
for Elementary Science

Elementary Science
Teacher Specialist

Amy McMillen  (x6839)

Shelley Barlow  (x6886)

R. Timothy Smith  (x6290)

Moores Park Elementary

Willow Elementary

Education Center - Room 226



P.S. – Every K-5 teacher should have a copy of the BSCS Teacher’s How-To Handbook.  It has a light-green paper cover and is about 85 pages in length.  It includes a useful overview of our approach to science teaching and learning, regardless of which K-5 science module you might be using, including the “5E” Instructional Model and the use of Collaborative Teams for doing inquiry-based science.  The latter half of the book has several short articles about strategies you can use in your science teaching.  If the materials for your “new” position didn’t include this resource, and your principal can’t supply you with one, then please send a FAX at your earliest convenience to x7492 to the attention of Peggy Barnes requesting that a copy be delivered to you at your school via the district’s courier service.