Date:       Friday,  23 December 2005  3:05 PM

To:         "ESSC Teacher Representatives"

From:       "R. Timothy Smith" <>

Subject:   Next ESSC Meeting Is Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cc:         "Elementary Principals"



ESSC Teacher Representatives and Elementary School Principals -


      This e-mail message is being sent as a reminder that the next meeting of our Elementary Science Steering Committee (ESSC) will be held Tuesday, January 10th, starting at 4:30 PM in the Library at Moores Park Elementary School.  It is unlikely, because of winter break, that we will be able to get a paper copy of this announcement to you prior to the meeting.  If you have items that you would like to have included on our agenda, please let us know via e-mail ASAP.  And please make sure that your school is represented at this meeting on January 10th.  Thanks!


      As attachments to this e-mail, you should find the following:


      Note that you can also find most of the above information at

any time on our ESSC web site at:


      Hope to see all of you on the 10th!  In the meantime, have great winter break!



  Shelley Barlow,    Elementary Science Subject Matter Area Leader  &

        Willow Elementary School Principal



  Amy McMillen,      ESSC Chairperson  &

        Moores Park Elementary School Third-Grade Teacher



  Jacque Gerard,     ESSC Secretary  &

        Attwood Elementary School Third-Grade Teacher



  R. Timothy Smith,  LSD Elementary Science Teacher Specialist





R. Timothy Smith                      Education Center - Room 226

Elementary Science Teacher Specialist     Lansing School District                     500 West Lenawee Street

(517) 325 - 6290                               Lansing, MI  48933








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