Elementary Science Steering Committee Teacher Reps & Friends -


        Hope you all have had an enjoyable Winter Break!


        This e-mail serves simply as a quick reminder that our next Elementary Science Steering Committee (ESSC) meeting will be this coming Tuesday, January 9, 2007.    As usual, our meeting will start promptly at 4:30 PM in the Computer Lab (room #120) of Attwood Elementary School (located at 915 Attwood Drive, 325-6764).    You can find a map with directions to Attwood on-line at:



        You can find the agenda from our December meeting on-line at:



        The draft minutes from our December meeting are also on-line at:



        As announced in previous e-mails and meetings, you can obtain SB-CEUs for regular attendance at ESSC meetings.    We hope this may serve as an additional incentive to make sure that your school is represented at each of our monthly ESSC meetings.    Please let us know ASAP if you any questions or suggestions for our agenda for next month's meeting.   


Shelley Barlow,    Elementary Science Subject Matter Area Leader  &  

                   Willow Elementary School Principal

                   325-6886      Shelley.Barlow@lansingschools.net


Jacque Gerard,     ESSC Chairperson  &  

                   Attwood Elementary School Third-Grade Teacher

                   325-6764      Jacqueline.Gerard@lansingschools.net


David Brigham,     ESSC Secretary  &  

                   Attwood Elementary School Fourth-Grade Teacher

                   325-6764      David.Brigham@lansingschools.net


R. Timothy Smith,  LSD Elementary Science Teacher Specialist  &  PI-CRUST Project Co-PI

                   Education Center  -  Room 226

                   755-2903      Robert.Smith@lansingschools.net