ESSC Teachers Representatives and Friends -


    Given that we won't be around next week ... this e-mail serves as a quick reminder (before we all disappear for Spring Break) that our next Elementary Science Steering Committee (ESSC) meeting will be the Tuesday after we return from Spring Break.   That will be Tuesday, April 10th, starting at 4:30 PM in the Computer Lab (room #120) at Attwood Elementary School.   Hope to see you all then.   In the meantime, have a great Spring Break!


Shelley Barlow,    Elementary Science Subject Matter Area Leader  &  

                   Willow Elementary School Principal



Jacque Gerard,     ESSC Chairperson  &  

                   Attwood Elementary School Third-Grade Teacher



David Brigham,     ESSC Secretary  &  

                   Attwood Elementary School Fourth-Grade Teacher



R. Timothy Smith,  LSD Elementary Science Teacher Specialist  &  PI-CRUST Project Co-PI

                   Education Center  -  Room 226