Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005

To: "LSD Science Educators"

From: "R. Timothy Smith" <>

Subject: August 25th Science PD Session



LSD PI-CRUST and PBL Participants, CASM and PROM/SE Science Associates, and Science Steering Committee Representatives -


    If you have had an opportunity to review the various sessions being offered for the Lansing School District's August 25th Opening Day Professional Development program, you've likely noted the "Science: PI-CRUST & PROM/SE" session, listed on page 3 of the printed program.  Please note that this PD session is intended for any LSD staff member who is involved in improving our science education program.  In addition to PI-CRUST participants and PROM/SE science associates, that also includes Science Steering Committee representatives (both elementary and middle school), participants in Jan Eberhardt's PBL Project, CASM science associates, and our LASER Institute team.  Many of you already serve in more than one of these capacities.


    We encourage each of you to sign up for this afternoon "Science" PD session on August 25th.  Also, please share this information with your colleagues who are interested in science, but may not have received this e-mail.  Our program will include an overview for improving science teaching and learning from last month's LASER Institute in Washington DC and initial development of Lansing's five-year science education strategic plan.  We will examine ways in which the various projects currently aimed at improving science teaching and learning in our district can work together in a more coherent and collaborative manner.  As time permits, we will work on plans for the Elementary Science Steering Committee's "Starting Your Science Year" event to be held at our first ESSC meeting in September, and a series of three PD sessions this fall on the development and use of "science notebooks."


    There are a number of events on the horizon that will impact our district's science education program for years to come, including:

* implications from the change in the MEAP testing date,

* changes to the state's science curriculum framework,

* restructuring the scope and sequence of LSD science units for grades K-7 (and beyond),

* NCLB testing of science beginning in 2007, and

* planning for the next science curriculum materials adoption.


    Please consider joining us on August 25th as we investigate how to continue to improve our district's science education program and prepare for the changes that lie ahead.  You can access KALPA to register by August 12th for this session on-line at:

The Lansing School District's ID number for KALPA is 33020.  Our science session is listed on-line as "PI-CRUST and PROM/SE" for 1:00-3:30 PM.


    I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on the 25th.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail ( or leave a phone message at 325-6290.


 - Tim 



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