Date:      Friday, 21 January 2005  13:02:17

To:        "LSD Principals, Third-Grade Teachers, and Interns"

From:      "R. Timothy Smith" <>

Subject:   3c "Magnets" PD Session for 2/2/05




LSD Third-Grade Teachers and Friends -


    This e-mail is intended for all of our LSD staff and interns who work with our third-grade students.  Since I do not have active e-mail addresses for everyone who fits that description, please share this information with your colleagues who may fall in that category.  Thanks!


    One of your options for a PD session to attend on the morning of February 2nd is currently listed in KALPA as:  "PI-CRUST Force & Motion 3c Unit - Eastern Science Lab - Dr. Ed Smith, MSU."  I want to provide you with a bit more information about this session to help you decide whether or not it may be of interest to you.


    As you are likely already aware, our LSD third-quarter science unit for third grade (3c) explores ideas about "force and motion."   How Things Move, the adopted Battle Creek module, deals with "friction" and "gravity" as examples of forces, but it does not consider "magnetism."  Nonetheless, there are elementary science benchmarks involving magnetism that we are expected to help our students master during this science unit.


    This PD session will provide those who teach our third-grade students with an opportunity to work with several materials (e.g., bar magnets and compasses) that can be used in a variety of activities to investigate magnets and their effects.   In particular, we will do this keeping in mind Michigan Curriculum Framework (2000) science benchmark IV.3.e.3: "Describe patterns of interaction of magnetic materials with other magnetic and non-magnetic materials."  


    The PD session will be led by Dr. Edward Smith, from Michigan State University, who has been working with our third-grade PI-CRUST Project PLC3 science study group.  Dr. Smith, along with some of the PLC3 teachers, will share with you some activities using magnets and compasses, which you can then take back to your classroom to use with your students.


    Following the 2/2/05 PD session, our district will then provide sets of these materials as supplements to the existing "3c" science kit so you can carry out these investigation with your students.


    For additional information about this session, please contact me using either the telephone number or e-mail address listed below.


    I hope you will find this PD session of interest and I look forward to seeing you on February 2nd!





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