From:     R. Timothy Smith  <>

To:       LSD Second-Grade Teachers, Fourth-Grade Teachers, and Middle School Science Teachers


Date:     Monday, 20 November, 2006,  8:35 PM



LSD Second-Grade Teachers, Fourth-Grade Teachers, and Middle School Science Teachers -


      As the salutation says, this e-mail is intended for LSD second-grade teachers, fourth-grade teachers, and middle school science teachers.  Since there is no completely up-to-date list available for contacting such a group, we've done the best we can at targeting this e-mail to the intended audience, and apologize if I've unintentionally included someone else.  Similarly, if you belong to MSTA and already receive Sue Campbell's frequent informational e-mails, then the following will be redundant.  Nonetheless, given the cost of the course described below -- namely, free -- and its potential relevance to our science (and social studies) programs -- especially for our "2b: Water," "4a: Earth Changes," "4d: Ecosystems," "6d: Changing Earth," "7a: Web of Life," and "8a: Water and Great Lakes" science units -- we decided this was worth broadcasting widely.  Please share it with your colleagues who may be less inclined to check their e-mail regularly.  Thanks!


      Also, in case you're interested, I'm aware that at least a couple of LSD teachers have already registered for the course.  If you decide to do so as well, and would be willing to let me know, I can compile and share a list among those of us taking the course.  Finally, I admit that I have no prior knowledge of COSEE, but the initial description sounds interesting, and so I'm passing this along as a FYI.


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  + How deep the water would be if the Great Lakes were spread over the 48 contiguous U.S. states?

  + How exotic species get into the Great Lakes, and why their presence is important?

  + How global climate change will affect the Great Lakes region?

  + What the Great Lakes food web looks like?


Find out December 3-9, 2006, as COSEE Great Lakes ( ) offers an on-line workshop which will help you bring the wonder of the Great Lakes into your classroom.


Participation is free, and graduate credit is available from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.


Registration opens on Friday, November 10, at 

Please share this announcement in your school, and register soon.  The first 300 workshop registrants will receive a set of 6 Great Lakes maps/fact sheets - one for each lake, plus one for the Great Lakes basin.



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