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Lansing School District Home Page




This page offers a listing of upcoming and ongoing science-related events and information for our Lansing School District staff and community, along with an archive of all previously posted links. 

Please send your suggestions for items to include here to


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Upcoming Science & Science Education Events:

  •  April 27, 2007    "Michigan High School Mathematics and Science Symposium" (2006 Excellence in Education Award) at the Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids.  For more information visit:

  •  May 1, 2007    Deadline to nominate teachers for the "Presidential Awards in Mathematics and Science Teaching."    Questions regarding this award program may be directed to Jean Shane at:  or  517-241-2375  or visit the following website:

  •  May 4, 2007    "Space Day 2007"    For more information visit:

  •  May 8, 2007     ESSC Meeting

  •  May 16, 2007    "Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Project for Teachers" Working Session II  -  e-mail Jan Eberhardt for more details

  •  May 17, 2007    Michigan's "K-7 Science Grade Level Content Expectations" (GLCEs) Draft Review  -  sponsored by CASM at the Ingham ISD (4:00 - 7:00 PM), session led by Marty Couretas

  •  May 19-21, 2007    "Michigan Wilderness Leadership School" at the Ralph A. McMullen Conference Center in Higgins Lake, MI.   For more information visit:

  •  June 14-22, 2007    "Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Project for Teachers:  Professional Working Conference"  -  e-mail Jan Eberhardt for more details

  •  June 18-22 & 25-29, 2007    PI-CRUST "2007 Summer Learning Institutes" (SLI)  -  contact R. Timothy Smith (517-755-2903) for more details

  •  June 25-27, 2007    "Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Project for Teachers:  Focus on Practice and Academic Year Team Work"  -  e-mail Jan Eberhardt for more details

  •  July 15-27, 2007    "Beekeeping for the Classroom Teacher" at Central Michigan University Biological Station.  For more details or registration information, please visit:

  •  July 31 - August 1, 2007    "Teacher-to-Teacher Workshop for K-12 Mathematics and Science Teachers in Partnership with GM/MATHCOUNTS" in Warren, MI.    For more information visit:

  •  August 13-16, 2007    PROM/SE "Summer Science Academy"

  •  October 18-20, 2007    National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) North/Midwestern Area Convention in Detroit, Michigan.  For more information visit:

  •  March 6-8, 2008    Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA) 55th Annual Conference in Lansing, Michigan.  For more information about the MSTA please visit the MSTA web site at:

  •  March 27-30, 2008    National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Convention in Boston, MA. For more information visit:

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Ongoing Science Events:

[ Bracketed number and letter pairs preceding each entry indicate the LSD science unit(s) -- i.e., grade and session; e.g., "3b" would indicate third grade's second science unit -- for which the link is most likely to be relevant. ]

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Archive of Science Events and Information:

( In reverse chronological order )


[ Events listing begun October 8, 2004 ]




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