Examining Recommended K-5 Science Modules


The Lansing School District is in the process (October 2001 - March 2002) of field testing a variety of K-5 science curriculum materials for possible adoption. The adoption process evaluations are being done by elementary school teachers from across our district who are participating in grade-level Field Test Study Groups (FTSGs).   [ Click here for more information about the field test procedures. ]  

After these FTSG teachers complete their analyses, the curriculum materials are being returned to Media Services at the Hill Center. Once the returned materials have been inventoried, they are available for other elementary school teachers to borrow and examine for themselves. Teacher edition and student edition materials that have been returned and inventoried are listed in columns five and six of the table of sources and modules as being available for loan.

To request a loan of any of these materials please call Media Services at 325-6950. You may pick up and return requested materials by coming to the office of Media Services on the second floor of the Hill Center or, where possible, have the materials sent to you at your school via the district's courier service. Some modules also include "kits" of supplies. While we cannot send such kits via courier, you are welcome to come to the office of Media Services to examine these kits if you wish. Media Services is open weekdays between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

If you have questions about or suggestions for improving this process of making evaluated materials available for examination by as many of our elementary school teachers as possible before the district-wide vote on adopting K-5 science curriculum materials at the end of March 2002, please share your comments with any of the following:


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