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The original version of this page was first created when I worked as an Academic Specialist in the Teacher Education Program at Michigan State University.   If it hasn't since been removed by the university, the URL for that page is:   http://www.msu.edu/user/rtsmith/science   With a bit of editing and updating, this new version now serves as a starting point on our LSD Elementary Science Web Site for finding "science resources" -- primarily those that are outside of our district.   This includes links both to:  

(1) various science and science education organizations and

(2) various resources (i.e., books and articles) that may be helpful for planning, teaching, and learning science.  

I hope you find these links of use and I welcome suggestions for how to improve this web page.

   - R. Timothy Smith, Sexton Area Elementary Science Teacher Specialist   (May 4, 2002)


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