Resources for Learning and Teaching LSD Science Unit 2b: All about Water



Primary curriculum resource*
  adopted by LSD
(spring 2001):
Battle Creek module:

Water Planet (1998, revised April 2002)

  • Teacher Edition Notebook

  • Student Journal

Ancillary curriculum materials:*
  • BSCS Science T.R.A.C.S. Teacher's How-To Handbook (1999), ISBN: 0-7872-4972-6

Science supplies kits:*
  • BSCS Collaboration Kit for Second Grade

  • Science Kit for LSD Science Unit 2b

  • [ Also consider using the stream tables and 40-pound bags of sand distributed to fourth-grade classes -- and which remain in schools year round -- once the fourth grades are finished with them at the conclusion of their "4a: Earth Changes" science unit. ]

MCF (2000) Science Benchmarks associated with LSD Science Unit 2b

        Supplemental Resources and Information from Past LSD Workshops and Other Sources

HO = HandOut

OH = OverHead

The majority of these links are to downloadable MS-Word ".doc" files.


Misc. 2b-Related Links:  Please note that these links are listed here as an "FYI" and convenience for our LSD teachers.  Because of the dynamic nature of the World Wide Web, no claims are made as to their current relevance for our LSD "2b: Water" science unit or their appropriateness for our second-grade students or even if they will still be available when you try linking to them.


*    If you are missing any of these materials, send a FAX to x7492 to the attention of Peggy Barnes requesting a replacement.

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