Resources for Learning and Teaching LSD Science Unit 3b: Shadows and Light



Primary curriculum resource*
  adopted by LSD
(spring 2001):
Battle Creek module:

X (1999)

  • TE ISBN: X

  • SE ISBN: X

Ancillary curriculum materials:*
  • BSCS Science T.R.A.C.S. Teacher's How-To Handbook (1999), ISBN: 0-7872-4972-6

Science supplies kits:*
  • BSCS Collaboration Kit for Third Grade

  • Science Kit for LSD Science Unit 3b

MCF (2000) Science Benchmarks associated with LSD Science Unit 3b

        Supplemental Resources and Information from Past LSD Workshops and Other Sources

HO = HandOut

OH = OverHead

The majority of these links are to downloadable MS-Word ".doc" files.