Resources for Learning and Teaching LSD Science Unit 3c: Motion, Forces, and Simple Machines



Primary curriculum resource*
  adopted by LSD
(spring 2001):
Battle Creek Area Math & Science Center second-grade module:

How Things Move (1995)

  • Teacher Guide

  • Student Journal

Ancillary curriculum materials:*
  • BSCS Science T.R.A.C.S. Teacher's How-To Handbook (1999), ISBN: 0-7872-4972-6

Science supplies kits:*
  • BSCS Collaboration Kit for Third Grade

  • Science Kit for LSD Science Unit 3c (including ramps and magnets supplements added 2005 Spring)    [ Kit Inventory ]

MCF (2000) Science Benchmarks associated with LSD Science Unit 3c

        Supplemental Resources and Information from Past LSD Workshops and Other Sources

HO = HandOut

OH = OverHead

The majority of these links are to downloadable MS-Word ".doc" files.


From LSD 3c Workshop 2005.02.02:

A morning session workshop offered during the LSD February 2, 2005, Professional Development Day provided third-grade teachers with ideas for activities involving magnets and compasses that could serve as a supplement to our third-quarter third-grade science unit about motion and force.  Led by Dr. Edward L. Smith from Michigan State University, the activities presented during the workshop constitute a science mini-unit in which students explore the question:  "Why do compasses point north?"  The following links provide the most current downloadable versions (as MS-Word ".doc" files) of teacher and student pages to be used for teaching this mini-unit.



March 29th E-mail to Third-Grade Teachers  [44 Kb MS-Word ".doc" file]  --  announcing the imminent distribution of the "3c: Magnets" mini-unit materials; the contents of this e-mail message are similar to the "Cover Memo" listed below.                 [ E-mail displayed as a HTML web page ]


This mini-unit should be considered a "work in progress."  Suggestions for how it might be improved or refined are welcome.  If you have any questions or comments about these materials or their use, please contact our Elementary Science Teacher Specialist, R. Timothy Smith, by leaving a voice-mail message at 325-6290, or via e-mail to:



*    If you are missing any of these materials, send a FAX to x7492 to the attention of Peggy Barnes requesting a replacement.

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