Resources for Learning and Teaching LSD Science Unit 5d: Electrical Circuits and Current



Primary curriculum resource*
  adopted by LSD
(spring 2001):
EDC Insights
grades 4-5 module:

Circuits and Pathways (1997)

  • TE ISBN: 0-7872-3338-2

  • SE:   There is no student edition textbook for this science module.
    Rather, there are black-line masters in the Teacher Edition, which
    get mass duplicated each winter by our LSD Copy Center and then
    distributed to all of our elementary schools in advance of the start of the
    fourth-marking period's science unit.  These pages can then be distributed
    to students to build their science notebooks** over the course of the unit's 
    development. To make sure you receive the correct number of student copies,
    please contact Sue Cater at the LSD Copy Center (755-4070) by the start
    of the third marking period each year to let her know how many fifth-grade
    students there are in your school.

    ** Three-ring binders to hold students' science notebook pages were purchased
    for each fifth-grade student and distributed to each elementary school when
    these science materials were originally adopted.  If in subsequent years you
    need additional binders, contact Peggy Barnes at the LSD Warehouse.*

Ancillary curriculum materials:*
  • BSCS Science T.R.A.C.S. Teacher's How-To Handbook (1999), ISBN: 0-7872-4972-6

Science supplies kits:*
  • BSCS Collaboration Kit for Fifth Grade

  • Science Kit for LSD Science Unit 5d

  • Three-ring binder for each student for science notebook

MCF (2000) Science Benchmarks associated with LSD Science Unit 5d

        Supplemental Resources and Information from Past LSD Workshops and Other Sources

HO = HandOut

OH = OverHead

The majority of these links are to downloadable MS-Word ".doc" files.


*    If you are missing any of these materials, send a FAX to x7492 to the attention of Peggy Barnes requesting a replacement.

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