Resources for Learning and Teaching LSD Science Unit Kb: Sorting Materials



Primary curriculum resource*
adopted by LSD
(spring 2001):
BESU&C module:

What Happens to Trash? Separating Mixtures
  LSD Version 2.1   (February 2003)

  • TE:  3-ringer binder printed by the LSD Copy Center

  • [ There is no "student edition" for this module. ]

Ancillary curriculum materials:*
  • BSCS Science T.R.A.C.S. Teacher's How-To Handbook (1999), ISBN: 0-7872-4972-6

  • Recycle! A Handbook for Kids  (1992),  by Gail Gibbons,  ISBN: 0-316-30943-5

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  (1995),  by Rozanne Lanczak Williams,  illustrated by Neena Chawla,  ISBN: 1-57471-014-1

Science supplies kits:*
  • Science Kit for LSD Science Unit Kb

MCF (2000) "Using" Science Benchmarks associated with LSD Science Unit Kb

Supplemental Resources and Information from Past LSD Workshops and Other Sources

HO = HandOut

OH = OverHead

The majority of these links are to downloadable MS-Word ".doc" files.


A Bit of "Kb" History:

The original version of the science module What Happens to Trash? Separating Mixtures was developed as part of the BESU&C Project, which was a collaborative science curriculum development effort between Michigan State University (MSU) and the East Lansing School District (ELSD).  Much of the inspiration for that first version of the module came from the GEMS unit Sifting through Science (1997).  Following consideration during the 2001-2002 school year's elementary science adoption process by the Lansing School District (LSD), a group of LSD teachers, along with Dr. Edward L. Smith from MSU, revised the BESU&C module for use as the second science unit in our LSD kindergarten science program.

Most of the sections that make up the LSD Version 2.1 (February 2003) Teacher's Guide for this module can be downloaded from here as MS-Word ".doc" files:

  1. Overview
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Subject Matter and Context
  4. Pre-assessment Tasks
  5. Instructional Approach
  6. Activities 1-26
  7. Post-assessment Tasks


Some Additional "Kb-Related" Resources:


*    If you are missing any of these materials, send a FAX to x7492 to the attention of Peggy Barnes requesting a replacement.

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