2001-2002 K-8 Science Workshops

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   Adopted Curriculum Modules

for Elementary School Science
  Middle School Science Scope & Sequence
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   NSTA's Building a Presence for Science (BaPS)

LSD Building a Presence for Science Point of Contacts

   Current Events in Science

- upcoming, ongoing, and archived science-related events

or information of interest at the local, global, or galactic level

  Data Loggers and Probeware:

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The Lansing School District's Ebersole Environmental Education and Conference Center

   e-Homework: Science
   Elementary Science Curriculum Guide

(formerly the 2001 DRAFT Elementary Science Pacing Guides)

   ESSC Elementary Science
Steering Committee
   ESTS Elementary Science
Teacher Specialist
   FTSG K-5 Field Test Study Groups
for Science Curriculum Materials
Adoption (10/2001 - 4/2002)
   LSD Curriculum Pacing Guides

(available as PDF files)

   Memos, Messages, and Miscellaneous

Science-related information (including BaPS e-Blasts)

that doesn't fit any other bulleted category in this column

   PI-CRUST Project  (K-8 Science)
   PROM/SE Partnership

(K-12 Mathematics and Science)

   Science Resources
   Unit Resources -

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   Workshops for K-8 Science

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Our district's Office of Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development (CA&PD) is providing three science-related workshops this year for K-8 teachers. For more details, call the CA&PD Office at 325-7594 or speak with the Elementary Science Teacher Specialist (ESTS) for your area.

1.  Thursday,  January 10, 2002

Pacing Guides and Content Understanding for Teachers

Flyer #1


2.  Wednesday,  February 27, 2002

Pre-assessing Students' Ideas for Planning Science Instruction

Flyer #2

Agenda (expanded)

3.  Tuesday,  May 7,  2002

Lessons Learned from K-8 Science Field Testing: Implications for Implementation

Flyer #3




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