District-Wide Professional Development Session

8:00 - 11:00 AM      November 7, 2006

"Using HOBO Data Loggers and Vernier Go!Temp Probes"

Intended Audience:  K-12 Teachers and Administrators

Facilitator:  R. Timothy Smith, LSD Elementary Science Teacher Specialist

Location:  Gunnisonville Elementary School Computer Lab

[ Click here for a map to Gunnisonville Elementary School, 1454 East Clark Road, Lansing, MI. ]


You can register for this LSD PD session on KALPA at:  https://www.kalpapdms.com  (District ID for LSD is 33020).   On KALPA, the Course ID and title are:  177248  -  Using HOBO Data Loggers and Vernier Go!Temp Probes.   Courses are listed on the Registration page in alphabetical order.


This "science and technology" PD session -- sponsored in part by our Elementary Science Steering Committee (ESSC) -- will provide any interested LSD K-12 staff member with opportunities to work with and share questions and ideas about using HOBO Data Loggers and Vernier Go!Temp probes to support science (and related mathematics) teaching and learning with their students.   If your school has already received its HOBO or Vernier materials, please bring your HOBO Data Loggers, HOBOware CD, Vernier Go!Temp probes, and Logger Lite software with you to this session.   Also consider bringing a laptop computer with you if you have one.   The intended audience includes:


(a)  At least one representative from each elementary or middle school that did not have anyone trained to use the HOBO Data Loggers at our June 22nd PD session.*   Each elementary and middle school must have a staff member trained on the use of the HOBO Data Loggers in order to receive their school's HOBO materials.

(b)  Anyone who would like additional help using their school's HOBO Data Loggers, or who wants to share ideas and uses with colleagues.

(c)  Anyone who would like help learning to use their school's Vernier Go!Temp probe and Logger Lite software, or who wants to share ideas and uses with colleagues.   (Free Vernier probes and software were requested for each of our LSD elementary, middle, and high schools as part of Vernier's 25th Anniversary celebration this past spring.   Probes began arriving in some schools -- typically sent to the school's BaPS PoC if not requested by someone else -- by late August, and all schools should receive theirs in time for our November 7th PD session.)



*   The following schools did not have anyone in attendance at the June 22nd PD session and thus have not yet received their HOBO materials.   Your HOBO Data Loggers and HOBOware CDs will be distributed at the November 7th PD session, assuming your school has a representative present.


Hobo Pendant Data Logger

  • Cavanaugh Elementary School

  • Ebersole Environmental Center

  • Fairview Elementary School

  • Gier Park Elementary School

  • Grand River Elementary School

  • Pattengill Middle School

  • Pleasant View Magnet School

  • Riddle Elementary School

  • Wainwright Leadership Academy

  • Wexford Montessori Magnet School


Vernier Go!Temp Probe



If you have questions about or suggestions for this "science and technology" PD session, or if you would like to help facilitate the session, please contact R. Timothy Smith, our district's Elementary Science Teacher Specialist via telephone (755-2903) or e-mail (Robert.Smith@lansingschools.net) ASAP.      Thanks!




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