What:  "BIG Science Lessons and Science Notebooks" Professional Development Session  

This LSD professional development session -- sponsored by our Elementary Science Steering Committee (ESSC) -- will provide an overview of the "BIG Science Lessons" (e.g., the "BIG Zoo Lesson" and "Annie's BIG Nature Lesson") created by Margaret Holtschlag, followed by consideration of how they (and other experiences) can support the development and use of "science notebooks" with students in grades K-8.

For more details, see additional description below.                              [ Click here to view the e-mail initially announcing this PD session. ]


Margaret Holtschlag, Haslett Public School Teacher, Michigan Teacher of the Year 2000, book author, and

      Creator of the "BIG" Lessons


Deborah Smith, LSD Second-Grade Teacher at Woodcreek Magnet Elementary School and   

      PI-CRUST Project Facilitator for our PLC-K and PLC-2 Science Study Groups

Intended Audience:   LSD K-8 Teachers and Administrators
Where:  Library  --  Woodcreek Magnet Elementary School    [ Click here for directions to Woodcreek ]
When:  Tuesday Morning ( 8AM - 11AM )  --  March 13, 2007


        How do kindergarten students start keeping science notebooks?  What is developmentally possible at that age?  What kinds of experiences can support students' ownership and authentic use of science notebooks?   How can teachers in later grades -- both elementary and middle school -- keep building on these initial experiences, skills, and attitudes?  How do science notebooks play a central role in the five-day "BIG" Lessons for elementary and middle school students at sites like the Potter Park Zoo and the Woldumar Nature Center?


        Come talk with Margaret Holtschlag, creator of the "BIG" Lessons, along with several LSD teachers whose students have participated in "BIG" Lessons and regularly use science notebooks, as they offer experiences and suggestions for how to get your students started using science notebooks, or possibly improve upon what they (and you) are already doing.


        Teachers whose classes are already using science notebooks in some form are strongly encouraged to bring samples of student work at all levels to share and discuss with colleagues.  (FYI, today's PD session has been developed, in part, as the result of feedback from last year's "Science Notebooks" PD series.  For more details about those sessions, click here.)


If you have questions or suggestions regarding this PD session, please contact Deborah Smith at Woodcreek (325-6890) or
our Elementary Science Teacher Specialist, R. Timothy Smith (755-2903 or via e-mail to Robert.Smith@lansingschools.net).


Registration on KALPA is available now through March 7, 2007.


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